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Outlaw Run

Read the newest book by Jim Weicherding

Jim Weicherding is an author and recently wrote a great "CAR GUY" Glove Box Paperback Book titled, "OUTLAW RUN". It is about a GTO Muscle Car with attitude and an owner with an axe to grind. Nationwide ban on Pre-1976 vehicles for street use would get any Car Guy upset! Congress passes a universal nationwide Clunker Law on any vehicle older than 1976 and makes it illegal for street use. Mandatory restrictor plates on everything else and we have one angry 1969 GTO owner. " BUCKLE UP!" This is the only book EVER that requires seatbelts when reading.


For more information about the book, visit the site at www.outlawrun.us.

Download the coloring book here, or click on the images below for a preview.

The team builds the muscle car from "Outlaw Run" in the shop.